trading cryptocurrencies

  1. A

    The search for accurate prices (not cmc)

    I fancy myself as a bit of a trader, and I like trading Dash for some reason( was generally lucky with trades) but I am having issues finding a website where I can get accurate prices.Coinmarketcap is not exactly accurate, and I have found a few alternatives, (coingecko, coinpaprika), but the...
  2. S

    New cryptotrading platform "HiCo Trading"

    HiCo trading is new simple, convenient and reliable trading platform to manage digital assets. You can get more information or use our platform on hicotrading dot com/product-tour Our goal is to make trading easier and clear for everyone. We can see 5 folowing problems on the cryptotrading...
  3. dianadsouza

    Whether to Buy or Trade Cryptocurrencies in 2019?

    An overview of steps you can Take to Invest in cryptocurrencies in 2019. We will discuss two possible investment options, Buying and Selling and Trading Cryptocurrencies.