1. xkcd

    How to TOR

    This guide will explain how to run a full node (qt-wallet) over TOR and in the later part how to host a TOR hidden service with your dashd. We assume you are running a full node (qt-wallet) on windows, but Mac will be very similar. First head on over to clearnet URL
  2. A

    RFC: Dash Electrum vision and roadmap

    We would like to position Dash Electrum as the default front-end for dash ecosystem, with focus on privacy by default. Thus, we're working on the following roadmap now: - client: Tor support turned on by default on all supported platforms - server: Tor support - privatesend support -...
  3. N

    Are there any Dash nodes reachable via Tor?

    I am currently developing a crawler that searches nodes for various Bitcoin based blockchains. This crawler also has support for Tor built in. But to get started looking for Tor Dash nodes, I need some inital nodes. I already found some Tor nodes in the documentation, but none of them are...
  4. BlackBackPage2

    Pre Proposal BackPage 2 Dash implementation

    *Update* out of time for funding Best Of Luck To Dash --B#L#A#C#K (Someone who takes risks for a more secure future.)
  5. P

    Tor configuration without Tor Browser Bundle

    There are some 3 guides around to get Dash to work with Tor, but the guide creator doesn't seem to be around any more to answer questions. I cannot post links, but you can search in the Forum for '3 How to run a local Dash Tor hidden service (advanced setup, high privacy, own onion address)' I...