1. Grupo.certus

    Evaluation TOOL for MASTERNODES

    Hello everyone! The following tool aims to help MNOs in the evaluation of proposals submitted to the DAO. Due to the low prices of Dash, it is key to demand high levels of quality in the projects to be approved, in order to guarantee the best use of resources...
  2. V

    [Mobile App] Coinmarket, The best tool for trader

    This year, we see the blooming of virtual currencies. In just one night, you can become a billionaire or go bankrupt. With such a vibrant and volatile virtual currency market, it is great to have a tool to help you track the prices and be updated with the latest news. I introduce you to the...
  3. AnarchicCluster

    Dash has been removed from recommendations on

    It looks like has removed dash from recommended privacy-centric cryptocurrencies. It looks like it is Monero's fanbase doing. Maybe somebody from the Dash force should get in touch with privacytools to make the record straight...