1. M

    Total solution for ICO.

    Hi, I am looking for a complete ICO solution service or software, with - Token creation, - Wallet, - Landing page, - Payment gateway, - Affiliate system (multilevel); Pls suggest me, i m newbie.
  2. G

    airdrop get $200

    全球最大的加密貨幣空降組織Gift.ONE正在空投百萬令牌!1GIFT = 0.2美元,通過註冊獲得100GIFT,從任何活動獲得更多100000GIFT,點擊鏈接獲得禮物:每天贏得iPhoneX,BTC,ETH,GIFT抽獎!
  3. Bananacoin


    WEBSITE | TELEGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER WHITEPAPER | EXCHANGES is the first environmentally friendly plantation in Laos that has released a token based on Ethereum (ERC20 standart), pegged to the export price of 1 kg of bananas. Token holder can trade 1 bco for 1 kg of lady...
  4. I

    [ANN] Aegeus – True Transaction Privacy Meets Secure Data Management

    Aegeus – True Transaction Privacy Meets Secure Data Management WEBSITE | TWITTER | TELEGRAM | GITHUB | EXPLORER WE ARE LISTED ON CRYPTOBRIDGE EXCHANGE Aegeus is a Bitcoin-based cryptocurrency with a focus on privacy, decentralization, data storage, distribution and security.Aegeus...
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  6. I

    [ANN] BitcoinToken (BTK) De-centralized. Open Source. Community Maintained

    Website: Telegram: Twitter: Reddit: (Note: This announcement is an abbreviation of our official whitepaper...
  7. I

    [ANN][RCA] Ricona Coin-Updated 1:1Bonus|10k Grand Giveaway|Hosted Staking Shift

    This is an Updated Announcement Thread since we made HUGE CHANGES in our Program Terms, Features, Policies, etc for the betterment of the community on their special requests. For Detailed Information. Please visit : REUTERS ANNOUNCEMENT HERE BOUNTY |...
  8. I

    [ANN][TOKENSALE] BOND.PM: platform for the film and video industry

    Website | Telegram | ANN Thread | Twitter | Facebook | Steem | Reddit | YouTube BOND.PM A blockchain-based streaming and crowdinvesting platform for the film and video industry BOND IS: A VIDEO STREAMING PLATFORM + CROWDINVESTING + FAIR REVENUE DISTRIBUTION OUR BOUNTY...
  9. I


    Tokens that are Properties PROW ICO is selling tokens that can be exchanged for real-estate tokens. Our current portfolio of properties that are across 3 continents selected to give you immediate Returns on Investments and spread risk across markets. These will be updated to display current...
  10. I

    [ANN][ICO] ONYX Futures Exchange - Commission-Free Crypto Futures

    ONYX Futures Exchange - Commission-Free Crypto Futures Trading With Zero Trading Fees and Decentralized Account Balances Don't miss out on this great opportunity. We have amazing plans for the ONYX Futures Exchange Platform What Is The ONYX Futures Exchange The ONYX token presents a...
  11. I

    [ANN] [ICO] Jizzcoins Multi-purpose 18+ token JCN

    Original Thread: WEBSITE | WHITEPAPER | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | TELEGRAM | REDDIT | BOUNTY JIZZCOINS Multi-purpose 18+ token (ERC20) Jizzcoins (JCN) is an ERC20 token created by CTRL Venture to integrate blockchain technology into our 18+...
  12. Koromoto

    Dash Tokens

    Here is an idea for creating tokens to be used as a replacement for fiat in every country in the world, spearheading the digital commerce revolution. First of all US-DASH, then EU-DASH, JP-DASH, AF-DASH for Africa, LA-DASH for Latin America, CN-DASH for China, IN-DASH for India, etc. The idea...
  13. moneytech

    MoneyTechnology. On the way to ISO

    MoneyTech is going to launch ICO on June 28, 2017. In the pre-ICO period, we plan to give information on the leading portals devoted to blockchain technologies, videoconferencing with the opportunity to ask questions in real time, as well as presentation of the company development plan and...