1. Ratima

    GOD-Z SHOP in is now accepting DASH for all online purchases & offer free delivery paying with Dash!

    From luxury & beauty articles, over technology products to travel plans everything available and payable with DASH, Thailands #1 coin for payments. Check out God-Z page & shop here: ข่าวดีสำหรับชาว Crypto ! คุณสามารถซื้อของจากร้านค้าออนไลน์ GOD-Z SHOP ในประเทศไทยด้วย Dash...
  2. Ratima

    Great new partnership between Dash Thailand & GODZCryptoCommunity to push Dash adoption in Thailand

    Dash Thailand is proud to announce our new partnership with GODZ Crypto Community. Together, we want to educate more Thai people about Dash. You can expect many events, merchant activities and PR campaigns coming up. Stay tuned and follow GODZ crypto community...
  3. dianadsouza

    Thailand’s Major Cineplex Theater to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

    Major Cineplex Theater from Thailand is all set to begin new crypto payment to its services and products which includes movie tickets & popcorn. Check here news:
  4. QuantumExplorer

    Dash internships / Representation Office Thailand

    This is a proposal to fund an international internship program as well as Dash representation office to promote Dash in the kingdom of Thailand. Though I set off the idea, the proposal will be run by Arnaud Beaudat and I will take no compensation from this proposal. Arnaud Beaudat brings to...
  5. Lorax

    Thailand and SE Asia Youtube Video/Marketing

    I have been involved with Bitcoin since Spring of 2013. I have traveled through south east Asia and I keep meeting and networking with many people in many various walks of life, some are in big business, others are social media musicians, entertainers, bloggers who are Thai, Korean, Japanese...
  6. zhivenkoff

    Motorcycle rent for Dash. Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Hello to all the evangelists of Dash! We are believe that a Dash have great future, and we wanna support Dash. So, today we started accept Dash in our rental shop. We stay in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Welcome to first motorbike rental in Thailand, who accepted Dash as payment :) This is our FB...
  7. Kalon

    New Exchange with DASH/Fiat Pair

    We can add another exchange to the list! , Thailand's largest exchange has added DASH/THB currency pairs! Should make your next holiday in Thailand a bit easier. :)