1. A

    Тестовая сеть блок 263999

    Скачал Dash Core, синхронизирую тестовую сеть, но на блоке 263999 (0000002abb7218594c6edd156015c6ff0a0ed3b3e113b3dc69e146597cc0db8d) синхронизация остановилась. Подскажите как это исправить. Уже пошла вторая неделя, как я не могу победить эту проблему и найти решения в интернете.
  2. jk404

    Testnet sync takes forever

    It keeps looping around X seconds behind, Y seconds behind, Z seconds behind.. What can I do?
  3. jk404

    Testnet stops responding when downloading specific block

    I have this issue 3-4 days now, and it keeps repeating itself. So I start the testnet and blocks are downloading, but when it goes to a specific block it stops responding. Can someone tell me what to do? This is the last 50 lines from my testnet3/debug.log: 2018-04-03 18:13:13...
  4. Izham Zubir

    Electrum Dash Testnet

    How to run electrum dash using testnet? As Dash Core, just run "path dash core" --testnet=1 to run testnet. I need to run testnet on electrum because I need to see Master Public Key to be used in dash-payment-processor.
  5. UdjinM6

    v12.2 Testing

    Hello everyone, Looks like we finally had a successful migration on testnet and solved all known (critical) issues, so we are ready to start the final phase which is a public testing. This release includes: - DIP0001 implementation https://github.com/dashpay/dips/blob/master/dip-0001.md - 10x...
  6. Daniel Hendriks

    Why is testnet down?

    test.explorer.dash.org doesn't update blocks. https://test.faucet.dash.org/ doesn't pay out When is this fixed?
  7. HashEngineering

    Dash Wallet for Android [testnet]

    This topic is closed. Future discussion of the TestNet version of the app will be here: https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/dash-wallet-for-android-v5-testnet.14775/ The testnet version of the Dash Wallet for Android has been updated for the v12.1 testnet. This version is for testing only...
  8. eduffield

    V12.1 Testnet Launch Thread

    Introduction As you are likely aware, development has been progressing rapidly in 2016 as we pursue the next set of objectives on the 2016 roadmap. Because of the multitude of changes needed to facilitate the radical enhancements envisioned to our network’s capabilities and our user experience...