1. B

    TenX complaints thread

    This thread is dedicated to share our experiences with TenX quality of service. Here's my story: I ordered TenX debit card on 11th of August. On 13th of September I sent an email to TenX customer service to check if my card is going to be sent before the end of September (support ticket 4640)...
  2. Dr. Julian Hosp

    [prepoposal] Dash Debit Card ready by Mid-April

    IMPORTANT: The voting is live: https://www.dashcentral.org/p/tenx-dash-debit-card gobject vote-many 3acfe51600f862fc3493a7183cc65f3fbcaae2f2db7fc5acd7cdc1137a3d20ef funding yes Hey All. I am the Co-Founder of TenX.tech Here is the link to our website: www.tenx.tech We are integrating...