1. T

    WTS Telegram members | Very High Quality bots at low prices!

    Very high quality bots at low prices! * Rookie: 500 Telegram members for 5$ * Average Joe: 1,000 Telegram members for 8$ * Business Mogul: 5,000 Telegram members for 35$ * Pro Telegramer: 10,000 Telegram members for 60$ * Any amount (>30k): 1 Telegram member for 0.01$ Order now at...
  2. timothy

    The next big ICO ?

    TELGRAM - I was searching online for some interesting things to read, and from nowhere I encountered this articles talking about a new ICO which will be created by a very famous company called "Telegram", it sounds a bit dodgy since there isnt any confirmation from the company itself, I have...
  3. Mark Mason

    Telegram Bot Proposal Update - Dash Force News

    Telegram Bot Proposal Update - Dash Force News Dash Telegram Bot Owner: balt – added on 4/13/17 – 120 Dash ($70.80/D) approximately $8,500 at date added. MN Votes: 873 Yes / 237 No / 82 Abstain. Reviewing the Telegram Dash Wallet Bot gave me the excuse to finally setup and use Telegram...
  4. studioz

    English Dash Group on Telegram just Hit 1K members

    Dash Knights 2.0 : Dash Brasil (817 members) Dash Russia ( 1293 members ) WOW ~!!!! Nice @alex-ru
  5. JZA

    Solo un recordatorio, el grupo de Telegram

    Saludos, para recordar al grupo del foro, que existe un canal en telegram dedicado a DASH en Español. Pueden accederlo en este link.
  6. JZA

    Grupo de DASH en Telegram

    Hice un grupo de DASH en Español en Telegram
  7. JZA

    Telegram group?

    Is there an official telegram group for DASH? Wonder if people interested into creating one in case that is not the case.