1. T

    Поиск команды для запуска проекта

    Ищу команду для запуска нового проекта. Нужна собственная или уже существующая монета на крипторынке. Подниму монету в топы.
  2. jerryckk

    WTS Google Team Drives

    Your only solution for genuine unlimited, extremely affordable and easy to access cloud storage. Unlimited, one time payment, lifetime access, linked to existing Google account for easier access, hassle free cloud storage. - Comes with 2 Unlimited storage Team Drives - Unlimited storage...
  3. silas de oliveira martins

    Proposal: Creation of a team of competitive events

    Olá como vai você? Meu nome é Silas De Oliveira Martins, tenho 35 anos e moro no Brasil. O título do tópico sugere que estou pedindo doações para criar uma equipe. para competir e criar eventos e torneios de todos os jogos. Mais como todo o início da equipe que temos que se concentra assim em...
  4. Mr. Money Meerkat

    Pre-Proposal: Dash US Domestic Elite Cycling Team

    Introduction My name is AJ Robertson and I have been a competitive cyclist out of Austin, Texas for nearly 7 years. I started my journey in cycling as a triathlete back in 2011, completing 4 Half Ironman’s and an Ironman after only 2 years of racing. I began focusing on road racing in late 2014...