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  1. TaoOfSatoshi

    In Depth Discussions with Tao Of Satoshi, Host of Cash Alternative TV

    It was a pleasure to be the subject of an interview video instead of the interviewer. In this video, I talk about my background in cryptocurrency, educate about the many interesting features of Dash, and take aim at crypto tribalism. Many thanks to Jacques Whales of Discussions[dot]app for...
  2. TaoOfSatoshi

    A Tale They Would Remove In Dash Talk Discord

    Thanks for reading! It felt good to get this off my chest. https://link.medium.com/fbbwbllLU3
  3. TaoOfSatoshi

    CATV | Christopher's Crypto Chronicles (December 7th)

    This week Christopher gets some feedback for the show, a disappearing cow reappears after a long hiatus, an Ethereum dev travels to North Korea to teach sanction-evading blockchain, and a very scary image at the end. All this and more in the latest CCC.
  4. TaoOfSatoshi

    CATV | Christopher's Crypto Chronicles (Nov 30th)

    In this episode of Christopher's Crypto Chronicles, topics such as a new Dash wallet version, the difference between Dash Core and Dashpay wallets, Evolution is not a single thing it's a codename, Dash's full node ranking among its peers, the so called Binance "raid" and more are discussed.
  5. TaoOfSatoshi

    The first "Tao & Amanda"! Not LIVE though, LIVE starts next week.

    Introductory video for the new YouTube show "Tao & Amanda LIVE!". The pilot episode livestreams on November 20th. See you on Wednesdays at 5:00PM UTC! Dash Nation announcement blog post: https://www.dashnation.com/media/introducing-tao-amanda-live/
  6. TaoOfSatoshi

    Tao & Amanda LIVE! - Wednesdays at 5PM UTC on Cash Alternative TV.

    Please join me in welcoming Amanda B. Johnson to the Cash Alternative TV team! She will be co-hosting a new show with Christopher called "Tao & Amanda Live!" tentatively scheduled for Wednesdays afternoons UTC. Those of you who miss the Billyrock in the public eye giving us her thoughts on Dash...
  7. stellabelle

    PEOPLE OF DASH: Tao, Founder of Dash Nation

    Find out how the cartoonedTao of Satoshi found Dash in the very beginning: https://medium.com/dash-for-newbies/people-of-dash-tao-of-satoshi-dash-nation-founder-cd91d6d498a8
  8. TaoOfSatoshi

    "Tao Satoshi" appears with Terry L Brock to discuss Dash and Dash Nation

    "Tao Satoshi" appears on the latest TerryL Brock podcast to discuss how to get involved in "Dash Coin" and more! (Corrections have been explained to Terry... ;D) #DashNation #CashAlternative #DashForce