1. utopist

    Where I can use Dash in Russia or Ukraine ?

    Do we have stores that accepts dash in Russia or Ukraine? How to check where payments in dash supported ?
  2. M

    (w/escrow) DASH - the first cryptocurrency to land into Portuguese instore payments - 500 locations

    Pre-Summary: The following pre-proposal has been up for voting over the last voting period in January. While the proposal was up for voting, we've contacted Dash Core and decided to resubmit it in this following period. This time and for masternodes self-reliance, with escrow arranged by Dash...
  3. M

    (Pre) DASH is the first cryptocurrency to land into Portuguese instore payments (500 locations)

    Summary: Our goal is to present DASH as the first Cryptocurrency to land in Portugal supported by a “real economy” strategy. At the end of the project, the Portuguese market will get to know DASH as the first mover Cryptocurrency in their homeland, allowing 500 real stores to sell in DASH...
  4. JZA Business Listing website

    Hi I recently bought this domain, want to build a business listing website for it, for businesses that take DASH. I am looking for people interested in the project so we can work together. The website will be on Python/Django and use different frontend frameworks. Please let me know if this is...