1. I

    Spork Address

    Hello, i am 18 years old student.. I was trying to make a dash fork with tutorial from internet, but i dont know how can i got SporkAddress. I already trying the tutorial from bitcointalk and the dash issue on github but still dint get the answer.. i decode the privkey to sha-256 and not...
  2. AgnewPickens

    Dash Repo Roundup Mar 6-Mar 12 2019

    This has been a very active week for the Dash repositories, Hash Engineering as well, but not as much. The big news is that Dash will be releasing a bump to the v13 Dashcore version soon, v0.13.2.0, to help MNs that have had problems registering properly under DIP3. I am not sure if Hash...
  3. Acedian

    Current Spork Status.

    Where can real time status information (On/Off) on sporks be found?
  4. M

    Spork updates

    I noticed that there are some updates to SPORK_8_MASTERNODE_PAYMENT_ENFORCEMENT, which toggles it on and off. Has the purpose of this been explained ? 2017-11-09 09:12:57 SPORK -- hash: 829e447d651103a7806078d08be608bb72f3d3cd351c9b6dd23a445d780da98f id: 10007 value: 4070908800 bestHeight...
  5. V

    Activating Masternode via SPORK

    Good afternoon. Tell me, please, where can you find the instruction manual SPORK? There is one project in which { "SPORK_2_INSTANTSEND_ENABLED": true, "SPORK_3_INSTANTSEND_BLOCK_FILTERING": true, "SPORK_5_INSTANTSEND_MAX_VALUE": true, "SPORK_8_MASTERNODE_PAYMENT_ENFORCEMENT": false...