1. Sky Conway

    DASH Sponsorship of the movie Crypto, a feature-film about Bitcoin

    My name is Sky Conway and I am an early Cryptocurrency adopter, supporter and filmmaker. I wanted to bring this pre-proposal to everyone's attention. This pre-proposal is to evaluate interest in a sponsorship package for DASH brand placement and other advertising for the upcoming Crypto movie...
  2. CapitalSuccess

    Pre-proposal: Dash Roadshow - Looking for Co-Sponsor(s)

    We are looking for Co-sponsors who will collaborate to create a proposal to accomplish the following: MISSION: Organize and Manage a Mobile Roadshow Event Marketing Operation for acquiring Merchant Accounts, while simultaneously growing the Dash user community through sponsored experiential...
  3. Willy Woo

    We need a sponsorship analytic tool

    Hey guys, if we are going to sponsor ongoing podcasts and webcasts with decent money, like the $2.2k proposal for the CryptoShow, we really need to see some metrics on each sponsorship's effectiveness. Nearly all major mainstream podcast sponsors do giveaway coupons or a special URL so they can...