1. S

    Help a newbie. Need software

    Hello. I want to invest in a mining farm. Everywhere I find only pieces of information. Help please - you need: What software is needed and for what. Where to begin. Equipment and installation conditions.
  2. M

    Crypto workflow monitoring

    I represent a new monitoring platform Upzilla co. Why I'm posting a message here we're working on a new type of checks for different industries. One of the direction it's all about mining and crypto resources monitoring. Our platform has a public community for developers who could have access...
  3. Minerboard

    Pre-proposal: DASH in Minerboard. Make DASH mining great again

    Hello! Minerboard team here. We would like to make a pre-proposal of a complete DASH integration into an innovative mining dashboard. What is Minerboard? Minerboard is a free-of-charge multifunctional standardized toolkit that provides access to all data concerning the state and performance of...
  4. Jechson Vieira

    Automation software + Dash Advertising

    Boa noite comunidade dash, eu sou Jechson e venho mostrar meu pré! Trabalhe no campo e viva o marketing, algum tempo! Espero receber um bom feedback de você DESCRIÇÃO DA PROPOSTA Software de Automação + Canal de Aconselhamento Financeiro + Propaganda de Dash Este pedido de fundos e execução...
  5. I

    [AIRDROP] Varnix - Integrating software professionals use with cryptocurrencies

    WEBSITE▲ WHITEPAPER▲ AIRDROP▲ Vote▲ Facebook▲ Twitter▲ Linkedin▲ Medium▲ Discord▲ Telegram▲ Github▲ WEBSITE▲ WHITEPAPER▲ AIRDROP▲ Vote▲ Facebook▲ Twitter▲ Linkedin▲ Medium▲ Discord▲ Telegram▲ Github▲
  6. N

    WTS Responsive HYIP Templates For Your HYIP Business

    Pro HYIP offers best hyip templates that is suitable for all kind of business. Pro HYIP Software providing the best hyip templates at affordable prices. You can select the best templates from array of hyip templates that suits your business requirements. You can create your own hyip business...
  7. E

    Software and ASIC Research/Dev project

    Hello I am one of the interested developers that does research within the blockchain technology. Looking forward to integrating a project with machines that will solve for blocks inside a network. I am also peeking at PCB/ASIC designs and architecture that does a great performance/power ratio...
  8. A

    Solo Mine

    I want to help my parents they want to mine Dash I found them there Dash Wallet and there hardware wallet i want them to get the antminer D3, 15 GH and 1200 power consumption with a 0.12 KWh Cost. I just don't know what is the best software or how to set one up or download one. I know they are...
  9. N

    Project Idea: Dash Donations Website

    I just came up with a project idea that I think might be very good for the Dash ecosystem: A website that collects and lists organizations that need donations. Example organizations would be Doctors without Borders, Wikileaks, Mozilla, Wikipedia, and especially many small and local...