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  1. TaoOfSatoshi

    Uptrennd CEO Jeff Kirdeikis on Alternative Social Media and Content Sites

    There's quite a bit of censorship in the digital currency space from centralized entities. Because of this, there are a few decentralized sites popping up. One of these sites is Uptrennd, an interesting site where you can earn tokens for posting and commenting. You can find me there as well...
  2. TaoOfSatoshi

    8 Cool Digital Currency Social Media and Content Sites

    YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. these are the typical social media sites we've become accustomed to. Recently, there have been some new options cropping up related to cryptocurrency. Christopher (Tao) takes a look at 8 of them here on this episode of CATV. Thanks for watching!
  3. Jennifer Tierney

    Team DASH! Made up of global professional golf ambassadors

    PROPOSAL DESCRIPTION Eiger Marketing Group is presenting a strategic activation plan to hit DASH’s key target audience (males with a high household income) and objectives, through an influencer-focused program that will drive impressions and meaningful engagement. At the core of the program...
  4. stellabelle

    Interview With Amanda About The Success of #FirstDashWallet Campaign

    I had the opportunity to ask Amanda B. Johnson of Dash what her thoughts were about the overwhelming success of Dash’s very first big social media campaign called #FirstDashWallet. I followed this campaign very closely and I too, was surprised by how viral it became in such a short amount of...
  5. Liberty Entrepreneurs

    New Interview: – The Future of Social Media w/ CEO Ned Scott

    New Interview: – The Future of Social Media w/ CEO Ned Scott Today’s guest is Ned Scott, CEO of and the crypto-currency Steem which is a blockchain built to reward and incentivize content creation and social media engagement. Basically it’s a website like Facebook or...
  6. TheDashGuy Project is an asset to Dash.. we should all use it.

    I have been around using social networks since the original friendster, the original myspace, watch the transition to facebook and then reddit and so on and from what I can tell, this project is going to be exactly like the rest, and eventually will take much of the market share and grow into a...
  7. TheDashGuy

    Join Dash's very own Decentralized Social Media Squad!

    Have you always wanted to help out, but lack the technical skills to feel valuable and or get up and offer help? Does Dash sometimes feel like "too technical" for you? We'll here a proposition for you: Join Dash's very own decentralized social media team! 1. What is this? How does this help...