smart contract

  1. C

    Why Dash will not be in the top 10?

    Came across this ... "The trend indicates that to be in the top 10, a crypto project needs to be a platform rather than a one trick pony." Ok, I think calling Dash a one trick pony is a little bit too harsh, on the other hand, platforms...
  2. M

    Thoughts on potential for greater decentralization

    Would it be possible to further break down the ownership of masternodes via something like a smart contract? I realize that they're not a part of Dash (right?), but is there any way to implement it? As of now, the only way that I've seen to "own" a small part of a masternode is to trust one of a...
  3. amanda_b_johnson

    Anyone have thoughts about smart contracts vs. decentralized oracles? If so, PM me. Research for vid

    Specifically -- is there overlap between the use cases of smart contracts (should they exist) and the use cases of decentralized oracles (should they exist)? If so, what are they? Does one require the other? Is one more potentially useful or promising than the other? Send a PM with your...