1. Cryptonaut

    Check Dask prices on Slack with Cryptonaut

    Cryptonaut is available on Slack Today we are excited to announce that Cryptonaut is available on Slack. With our Slack app you you can set price or percentage-based alerts for your favorite coins or check the price of any coin you want in real time – all from within Slack ! Let me know...
  2. TaoOfSatoshi

    Dash Nation Slack (and Discord) Upgrade Report Cheers, Tao.
  3. N

    Tipbot dream

    So we have a Reddit bot that’s not stable and a Slack bot that’s build around deprecated api (accounts). Time for a redesign ? Let’s dream a bit and create some requirments * a cross platform tipbot * working decentralized (not from 1 central wallet) = tips are send via blockchain, despise the...
  4. amanda_b_johnson

    Posting to verify that it's actually me who joined Dash Nation Slack

    Yup. Joined Cheers.
  5. TaoOfSatoshi

    Dash Nation Slack Channel DashBot Avatar Contest

    Dash Nation Slack Channel DashBot Avatar Contest The Dash Nation Slack Channel is growing quite nicely. We have 140 members and some nice conversations and collaboration is happening there. Join us when you get a chance, to discuss Dash in a great atmosphere...
  6. 555007

    Dash slack chat with Dash values

    Hello everyone! The new Dash Slack chat which represents Dash values is now active. The link is: Why it was done - I hope everyone understands it. I did not hear about another activities so I decided to do it by myself. What I want to avoid to make two or...
  7. DashChat

    Report: Dash Slack Budget Month Two

    We reached 800 users this past week. Thanks to everyone who is joining. More core members are joining as well, which is awesome. @tungfa joined us just this week. @coingun is a regular in the chat room, @babygiraffe is there answering all kinds of questions. Would be nice if more of the core...
  8. TheDashGuy

    Join Dash's very own Decentralized Social Media Squad!

    Have you always wanted to help out, but lack the technical skills to feel valuable and or get up and offer help? Does Dash sometimes feel like "too technical" for you? We'll here a proposition for you: Join Dash's very own decentralized social media team! 1. What is this? How does this help...