1. CoinsHost

    WTS Dedicated Servers in Switzerland - Pay with Dash

    Professional Web Hosting by CoinsHOST CoinsHOST is a Swiss web hosting company that respects privacy. Being huge fans, enthusiasts and supporters for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology we also have great experience in providing web hosting services and mitigating against DDoS attacks...
  2. Izham Zubir

    Mask server IP & port using a domain

    Hello, I've been Google a lot about masking an IP & port a NodeJS application (Insight-api and insight-ui). I already succeed in installing bitcore, insight-ui, and the other modules. Currently using ipaddress:3301/insight/ to browse the block explorer. If using Apache, I can configure, but...
  3. Izham Zubir

    Server Recommendation

    Hi I am currently survey for a server to install Dash Payment Processor. I would like to know whether which provider provides the best services in term of: Availability - 100% availability instead of 99.99% :p Mirror capability - If one down, have another backup Costing - By budget is around...