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    A Masternode Owner Reviews Dash AeroSports

    Dash AeroSports, an aerobatic racing team headed by Scott Farnsworth, contracted with the Dash network to promote Dash at airshows around the world. One such outing was at the Experimental Aircraft Association’s Adventure Air Show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Masternode owner Jim O’Shea was present at...
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    Aircraft Parachute Company Accepts Only Dash for Para-Cushions Product Line

    A manufacturer of parachutes for aircraft has begun accepting Dash, making several product lines Dash-only. Strong Enterprises recently added cryptocurrency payment options, and now accepts both Dash and Bitcoin. For specific product lines, Pilot Emergency Para-Cushions, Tandem, and Sport gear...
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    Dash Gets Its Own “Air Force,” Sponsors Airshow Team

    Dash is now the official sponsor of Dash Aerosports, an aerobatic air racing promotional team. AircraftWraps owner and Dash investor Scott Farnsworth submitted a proposal to the masternode network to have Dash be the exclusive sponsor of the newly-branded Dash Aerosports. The proposal passed...