research report

  1. A

    Token As A Service - I NEED YOUR FEEDBACK - [BrandTokens]

    Hello, guys! Have you ever heard of BrandTokens? I have recently been told about them alongside their service by a close friend of mine who is used to be experienced in stuff like that. So, basically, I need feedback of them alongside their activity from those who have a solid knowledge...
  2. R

    Some analysis of the Dash treasury DAO, looking for community feedback before publishing

    I got really interested in the Dash treasury DAO a few months ago and have been doing some analysis in my free time. I have written up my findings and plan to publish it in the next day or two after some final tweaks. I wanted to circulate this to the Dash community before publishing. If there...
  3. Gaurav_Gupta

    Freelancers & Dash: A Research Report on Remittances for Digital Services.

    Hi As part of our project we are excited to release our research report on the money-transfer industry for Freelancers. Here is a video that explains the industry and gives some context. The project researched some of the existing payment related challenges in the Digital Money Transfer...