1. Dashmaximalist

    video for Remittance , please watch it

    hi all, I have been working on a Dash based remittance video for some time now, let me know what you think about it
  2. Dashmaximalist

    20,000 plus sign ups , 70+ youtube videos promoting getfreedash, ideas for more use cases needed

    Getfreedash is creating history in terms of fastest growth possible , we are growing at an incredible speed , with 3000-4000 sign ups per day now, with 70+ youtube vidoes promoting us ( ) Our goal is sign up 1 million folks...
  3. B

    Idea for Venezuela remittances help

    Hi I'm currently traveling across South America, visiting friends from time to time. I met lots of Venezuelans who moved and are working abroad. One thing came to my mind when I talked with them about sending money back to Venezuela to help their families. They do it just by sending cash...
  4. Dworf

    the importance of the remittance market

    There’s a $500 billion remittance market, and Bitcoin startups want in on it (Forbes, Sep 11th 16) According to this article 20% of the $500 billion go through Bitcoin (questionable?). Anyways this seems to be a very big and very important market and should also be addressed by DASH.