1. D

    DashInstant visits Circus City Sponsored by Dash!

    Here's a showreel of some Interviews at the Dash Sponsored Circus City Event. Fresh off the press today! Please like, share and subscribe!
  2. Syntheist

    Proposal: Adverts on Radiolab

    After much positive and useful feedback I've posted this as a proposal: gobject vote-many 44bffe65c7cc4351a1172566b402f69f2bfc6e64fc88c6d1a225657812010627 funding yes Our Advert could be running before and during 2 million plays of Radiolab...
  3. Syntheist

    Pre-proposal: Radiolab Sponsorship

    I'm really excited to say that the amazing show Radiolab is interested in being sponsored by Dash. They have 1.4 million weekly listeners across 505 radio stations in the US and 5.6 million on-demand listens and the sponsorship segments are integral to the show. The cost of the highest level...