1. DashDocumentary

    Dash Documentary Update Thread!

    Hi Guys, This is our main update thread, we’ll be posting here regularly so do check back for the latest information. The first topic is to gathering opinions from the community on what content you think should be included in the documentary. Here are the questions to be answered, all feedback...
  2. DashChat

    Questions from Community Members to DASH Core Team Members

    Hello. We created a new channel on slack, we call it #questions. How does it work? Community members submit question(s) in the #questions slack channel. Every 15 days a slack admin will submit the list of questions here. We know the core team is busy and because of that we do not expect to have...
  3. amanda_b_johnson

    Have a question for Evan, kot, tungfa, or Daniel D? Ask here for next episode of DASH: Detailed!

    Post your questions below, or send private message to me, Amanda, if you wish. Questions will be asked on next week's group interview episode, to be published on Wednesday (as usual). Thanks!