1. C

    Wallet Encryption Corrupted?

    Hi there, I was wondering if someone here has encountered the same issue as me or if this situation, as I see it, is even possible. I have some Dash sitting on my QT wallet, its been there or a couple years now. I can't seem to unlock the wallet to move my Dash. I have a password written down in...
  2. N

    "Not yet redeemed" Meaning

    Hello everyone, I used changelly to convert my bitcoin to Dash. Changelly is saying that transaction is successful and when I checked the input transaction is split into two: 1. first part - says redeemed - the recipient address is not mine 2. second part - says 'Not yet redeemed' - recipient...
  3. theghost1980

    N00b question - Mining on p2pool using Baikal

    hello there I would like to know the following: Do I need to leave my wallet open while mining on a p2pool? I think the answer is no because I'm using the baikal mini miner which is connected by ethernet port to the p2p node pool. So I guess no need to leave open 24/7 the qt wallet on my PC...