1. V

    Problem with range slider when updating Dash from 0.39 to 0.43. Still works in 0.39.

    After upgrading from Dash version 0.39 to 0.43, an error message appears and it does not seem to make any sense. When I run my code with version 0.43 and 0.42, the below error message appears. This does not occur with neither Dash version 0.39 0.40 or 0.41. Version 0.42 is when error messages...
  2. C

    Developer wanted for Dash-based new crypto

    Hi, We are looking for a C++/GoLang/Python developer with blockchain coding experience. We will be using Dash as core code or its golang version or we will rewrite it entirely in Python with minor modifications (can't share these yet). We need a full time developer who can develop from start...
  3. JZA

    Instantsend on Electrum DASH

    So during the summer a proposal was launched to add IX to Electrum DASH but I still dont see traces of it on the code. Is this featured on the client? where can i see the code for it? Thanks.
  4. JZA

    OpenBazaar DASH fork?

    A talk on DASH knights about possibility to have an OpenBazaar fork for DASH, given that: a) OB is FLOSS b) OB is Python d) Why not? This will enable to have a DASH centric dameon, looking at the OB-Server code the requirements for bitcoin are bitcoin-tools, python-libbitcoinclient and...
  5. JZA

    Python snippet to interface with dashd

    Hi anyone can share a python script to connect and interact with dashd through RPC? I know dashd has a REST and other ways to interface, but would be good to learn just the most standard method. Stackoverflow list different libraries to better use RPC, but seemed a bit of an overkill since...
  6. JZA

    Odoo (OpenERP) extension to manage DASH

    This is a very early pre-proposal about building an extension for Odoo (OpenERP), which is an Open Source (LGPLv3) license. Odoo is built on Python, and includes a POS which makes it easier for businesses to implement and integrate with crypto currencies such as DASH. The plugin will include the...
  7. JZA

    DASH webstore docker on Django/OSCAR

    Hi guys, wonder if there has been any open source project ot implement a django e-commerce site to sell products. I usually use OSCAR - Ecommerce built on Django/Python. Was wondering on adding a checkout module that will take altcoins such as DASH or others. If there are projects similar...