1. GrandMasterDash

    Pre-Proposal: Shorten max duration of proposals to 12 months

    I am sure you all have ideas of what the magic number is or an alternative to how this could be done. Submit proposals with your ideas. In the meantime, this one is very straight forward.
  2. HeyMichael

    PR Selection Proposal

    Public relations is one of the key parts of the marketing function within Dash Core Group (“DCG”). The purpose of this activity is to gain media attention for Dash, help shape the messaging around Dash, and enhance the public perception of the project. This post will help explain the background...
  3. Joney Castellanos

    "120 new Dash Wallets in Maracaibo-Venezuela" its in DashBoost cycle

    Greetings to all, I am Joney Castellanos @bitcoinroute, leader of the Dash Maracaibo community, from where we make strategic projections to develop the adoption plan, that Dash Venezuela leads with great success. They accompany me in this challenge: @Madelayne León , @Alvaro De Oro , @Jorge...
  4. Helper Dash

    Calling All Masternodes - Your Urgent Attention, Please!

    Hello All, :) There is less than 24-hours left of voting on this month's projects and I wanted you to have some information for your consideration when voting in these final hours. One of my professional occupations is as a Financial Manager in the USA. I also have public relations...
  5. Helper Dash

    2 Days Voting Left - Anomalies Found

    Hello, Can someone help please? Does anyone know why Feedbands AND Ben Swann would both become unfunded in a 20-minute period about an hour ago? Their votes keep dropping by 55+ and 35+ respectively. Plus, their projects and a couple others show the deadline for voting has passed when THERE...
  6. J

    Dash Trujillo

    Hello DASH community, Thanks for visiting! We are a community of professionals and entrepreneurs who love the financial world and new technological trends. The purpose of this community is, as ambassadors of DASH in the State of Trujillo, not only to disclose DASH as an advertising campaign...
  7. demo

    Proposal “Dash-Watch“ (Completed) We are waiting for the deliverables. @paragon, do you hear me? Dashwatch is very important, because it will reveal all scam proposals.
  8. August

    Bit To Byte: A personal message to the community

    Hi everyone, I would like to address a comment that was in response to our Bit To Byte proposal and our ability to deliver on our mission. If you have not read through or voted on our proposal I recommend doing so before continuing on this thread. Watch our videos for a quick recap and view...
  9. craigums

    Rundown and Analysis of September 2017 Budget Proposals

    Hi all! Here's our video with a rundown of all proposals for the Sept. 2017 budget cycle (timestamps in the comments): We are also working on a proposal to do this each month which we have posted here...
  10. demo

    Pre-Proposal: Dash to fund the book "Design for an e-Democracy"

    @Pietro Speroni, a scientist who investigates e-democracy writes a book. This book wants to be both a collection of tools needed to design an eDemocracy, as well as a set of problems where the reader is invited to apply those tools to try to solve some real world problems, as well as Pietro's...
  11. JZA

    Guía para crear propuestas en DASH

    Esta es una guía para las personas interesadas en participar en la comunidad de DASH, ya que hay muchos que aun no saben de lo que acontece en el corazón de la comunidad de DASH. DASH tiene una comunidad muy activa que participan en la tesoreria, esta es una especie de DASH que mes con mes se...
  12. dmitriybtc

    Why only a certain number of masternodes vote for budget proposals?

    Hey guys, I have a question that recently one of my friends asked. Why only a certain number of masternodes vote for budget proposals? I mean, right now we have 4249 MN, and on average only 1000-1200 (23%-28%) of them actually vote (the combination of yes, no and abstain). Why is that? Is it...
  13. A

    Cost of creating new proposal

    Hi, I think one of the coolest parts of DASH is proposal system. However, as a price of DASH increases, it becomes impossible for many people to submit a proposal because the possibility of losing almost 500 USD is too high. And if for example price of DASH grow to 1000 USD then almost nobody...
  14. kAzeN

    100x free Dash T-shirts & Dash mascotte, Dublin's (1st) Dash only merch shop - Proposal Suggestion

    Hey Dash-ers :), I would like to make a proposal for a small project, which can potentially have 2 parts, but all 2 parts are independent to each other. The actual proposal would be only for the part/s with positive feedback. 1) 100x Free T-shirts This part of the project is very simple...
  15. JZA

    Voten Si por el grupo de Bitcuners en nuestra propuesta

    Saludos, por favor voten SI en nuestra propuesta de grupo de Bitcuners en DASH Central
  16. c3works

    Treasury Balance and Cashflows

    With MN's now running, how do I track the treasury balance and cash flows (in and out)? Need some context to evaluate proposals. Thanks.
  17. R

    Pre-Proposal: ''Dash Chat''

    Hi guys! I am really excited about presenting this project to you all. This is a Live Chat project proposal for Status update: This proposal is live at: Please take some minutes to go over all the documentation, I am sure you will like what...
  18. JZA

    Nueva propuesta - Patrocinio de DASH en grupo local

    Bitcuners es un grupo de cripto entusiastas que han mantenido con exito reuniones semanales por 2 años atrayendo a personas que quieran compartir y obtener información sobre criptodivisas y blockchain. Bitcuners han enseñado a un nivel nacional y local participando en eventos como LaBitConf en...
  19. amanda_b_johnson

    Do you see value in categorizing proposals as "core" or "community"? Why/why not?

    Hi, everyone. I'm interested to know what each person -- especially masternodes -- thinks about proposals being categorized as either "core" or "community." Do you find value in this? If so, what is the value you find? And if not, why not? Thanks in advance to all who respond, and to...