1. DashMoney

    PreProposal - DashShoutOut

    Pre-proposal Preface The best part is the TRY IT OUT! Section, I recommend, on a mobile device. Just login with a mnemonic, any mnemonic or 12 word sequence will work. The Clarification and Extra Disclosure sections also have some interesting points. Your feedback is appreciated. - DashMoney...
  2. xkcd

    How to create a new Governance Proposal in 2022

    This is a guide to help you through the process of creating a new proposal. It is not intended to help you decide if you should raise a proposal, or for what reasons one might want to raise a proposal, there are other forum posts dealing with that. 1. Requirements Dash Core wallet (Windows...
  3. awesomedash

    A central repository for tracking top-level Dash Network issues

    Hi everyone, It is quite common that an important topic is mentioned and greatly discussed by the Dash community members in one of online forums but never result in any conclusion or action afterwards. Many of these topics are important and strategical to the Dash success but they are not...
  4. thaymerapv

    Error voting CGovernanceObject::ProcessVote -- Masternode voting too often

    I have a problem when making a vote, note for vote use voteraw command** example: proposal_test vote -> yes change your mind proposed_test vote -> no I get this error: CGovernanceObject :: ProcessVote - Masternode voting too often is there a certain time to vote again? and if so, what is it...
  5. pablomp

    On the estimation of the economic value of a Dash proposal

    Dear all, I have submitted the attached paper to viXra. I hope that it is of interest to Dash community. Best regards, Pablo MPA Abstract: This paper is concerned with the derivation of a consistent formal method to allow for estimating the economic value of...
  6. oneworldrentaluk

    What is a budget narrative grant?

    Writing a Budget Narrative/Justification. The budget narrative is sometimes referred to as the budget justification. The narrative serves two purposes: it explains how the costs were estimated and it justifies the need for the cost. The narrative may include tables for clarification purposes...
  7. Z

    Proposal submission time

    Hello everyone, I have a simple question. According to dash docs for submitting a successful proposal, "Disapproval occurs when no votes minus yes votes equals 10% or more of the total available votes". My question is, when does this calculation gets done? Is it before the payment date is due...
  8. TaoOfSatoshi

    Dash Nation | Together we are stronger. Thank you, Dash Nation!

    A statement prepared by the Dash Nation DFO thanking the community for all of their support, and addressing some perceived concerns about the proposal. Please read!
  9. Red Productiva

    Report #1: Redproductiva - Merida. First Proposal Report

    RedProductiva Community dedicated to promote the massive adoption of Dash and use of cryptocurrencies as a form of digital payment. We are located in the Merida City, Venezuela. Mérida is a Venezuelan city located in the Andes mountain range, in the northwest part of the country. It is famous...
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  13. DerrickJ

    AnyPay Dash Merchant Acceleration Proposal

    Enjoy watching this 3-min video summary of AnyPay's proposal to provide the Dash community with hard data about retail transactions while accelerating merchant adoption around the world. Read the full proposal here:
  14. C

    MN Hosting platform using DASH as payment currency

    Hi DASH Community , I wish to make this proposal to make a MN Hosting platform + MN exchange + Shared MN Platform +Stakebox using DASH as base currency .Below will be the features Allow one- click deployment of different types of Master nodes Allow people to run shared master nodes in a secure...
  15. silas de oliveira martins

    Proposal: Creation of a team of competitive events

    Olá como vai você? Meu nome é Silas De Oliveira Martins, tenho 35 anos e moro no Brasil. O título do tópico sugere que estou pedindo doações para criar uma equipe. para competir e criar eventos e torneios de todos os jogos. Mais como todo o início da equipe que temos que se concentra assim em...
  16. N


  17. V

    Dash Dental DAO- Early pre-proposal discussion

    This is long. Thanks in advance for your time. Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions. Background: I’ve been a practicing dentist in the United States for 4 years and have been a big fan of cryptocurrency for most of that time. For a long time I tried to think of a...
  18. N


  19. Grupo.certus

    Evaluation TOOL for MASTERNODES

    Hello everyone! The following tool aims to help MNOs in the evaluation of proposals submitted to the DAO. Due to the low prices of Dash, it is key to demand high levels of quality in the projects to be approved, in order to guarantee the best use of resources...
  20. A

    Proposal: Dash Electrum Q3 and Q4 support and development

    Update: proposal is online up for the discussion and voting at Hope for your support. Overview: Electrum is probably the most popular open-source SPV wallet for bitcoin. Last year I've picked up maintenance and support for Electrum-DASH...
  21. H

    Proposal: CRYPTALRESEARCH - All you need to decide gobject vote-many 9651bbd2e678588fbedc8f4a89f82cdacac33223613fb7aad52e42251af5da60 funding yes BRIEFING: CREATING A PERSUASIVE BUSINESS ANALYSIS "CryptalResearch is an organization whose missions to analyze...
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  23. B

    My Vision for the Future of Dash

    Here is my vision for Dash: We use treasury funds to build a healthy growing community of developer/entrepreneurs who risk their own capital or get their own financing in an attempt to profitably provide value to the network. If the value provided by that group exceeds the cost to build it, Dash...
  24. A

    Dash Electrum progress and reports

    In this thread we will post regular (planned monthly) status report and financials. In May 2018 we've delivered: release: - Added back translation (locale) support - Released Android version - Fixed ledger support - Some minor UI quirks release: - updated branding - fixed...
  25. amanda_b_johnson

    Ignore Dash: Branding as THE COIN for "Instant Confirmations"

    PROPOSED: Fund a trial run of "Ignore Dash," a display-based ad campaign scheduled to run in May on websites within the Google Display Network. "Ignore Dash" ads can advertise any number of Dash attributes and integrations, but this run will focus on branding Dash as the coin for "Instant...
  26. Free State Bitcoin Shoppe

    Proposal: Merchant POS + DASH-Back, Rapid Acceleration of Adoption

    Hey guys! I want to draw your attention to an awesome proposal by the team at Anypay. They built the point of sale app that nearly every crypto-accepting business in New Hampshire is using, and now they want to use it to spread DASH globally. But they need your help! Their proposal is here...
  27. Mike Sygula

    Press Release: Potential Partnership Between Dash And Truth Theory

    Hey people, I thought that I will let you know that we released some teasers of the video project we hope to create with Dash. You can learn more about it here: Here is our...
  28. Household Name®

    Pre-Proposal | 'The DASH San Francisco Marathon 2018' - Title Sponsor & 'Official Payment Partner'

    Note: This proposal moved to: Team Household Name®
  29. N


  30. thedesertlynx

    PorcFest Sponsorship Proposal (Keynote by Ben Swann)

    Proposal is live! Top-tier sponsorship of the Porcupine Freedom Festival, including several speaking slots (Keynote by Ben Swann), a Dash wallet setup and giveaway to attendees, and the creation of a several-day full Dash economy. About PorcFest The Porcupine Freedom Festival, described as...
  31. AnCapitol

    Decentralized Escrow Provider (DEP) - Idea and guideline discussion

    Dear DASH Community, after reading various comments over at dashcentral, it seems like there is a need for a separate escrow service besides contacting core. This thread is meant to discuss my idea how to set up a escrow service in a decentralized (one might say cypherpunkian) way (Further...
  32. Household Name®

    Pre-Proposal | DASH Sponsors the NYC Marathon

    To the DASH Community–– We are proposing an experiential platform to claim an ownable space in the consumer's mind; a first-mover opportunity to define the core of the DASH brand and meaning. Process Every new marketing project begins with an objective question: "What has the brand got that...
  33. criptoanarquist

    Take Dash's flag to the top of Mt EVEREST

    Hello Dash Network. My name is Alejandro Veintimilla. I am an experienced mountainclimber, a Youtube vlogger (my channel name is Academia BlockChain) and a dash enthusiast. I am going to Kathmandu on April - May this year to climb some high peaks. I don't have the budget to climb Mt. Everest, if...
  34. Steve1047

    Pre-Proposal: Dash Academy (

    Pre-Proposal Posted: Feb 1, 2018 Here's our concept for Dash Academy. We welcome any and all comments, suggestions and questions. Thanks! LINKS: Proposal Details: Sample Course: Video Overview...
  35. Alexey Danilin

    Una herramienta poderosa y de veinticuatro horas para la promoción inteligente DASH en todo el mundo

    Presentamos una herramienta de 24 horas para la promoción inteligente de DASH en todo el mundo, no tiene análogos en el mundo, sin ningún costo para la comunidad DASH. Invitamos a portales de información, oradores, socios de DASH, a crear un fondo de información común, a grabar entrevistas...
  36. Alexey Danilin

    Radio+1 is inviting to collaboration to promote DASH worldwide

    Good afternoon, community! Radio+1 support team is here! Let's cooperate! We invite informational portals, speakers, DASH partners, to create a common information background, record interviews on air and work in partnership. We will be glad for your feedback, reposts, comments! Support a real...
  37. Alexey Danilin

    Радио+1: мощный, круглосуточный инструмент для умного продвижения DASH, не имеющий аналогов.

    42 человека будут работать для вас на разных языках - профессиональные журналисты, редакторы, ведущие и технические специалисты, имеющие многолетний опыт работы в федеральных и региональных СМИ в России и мире, а также запуска с нуля и выведения в TOП информационных и развлекательных...
  38. TheCryptoGrandpa

    Masternodes and how they receive new proposals...?

    Good day everyone, Please ca you help... the masternodes instantly receive all the proposals? Or as part of my own marketing should I seek them out when I make my proposal? Thank you Christopher
  39. R

    Blue Ant Media Introduction

    Hi Dash community!
  40. arjunyg

    Dash Hackathon Sponsorship at SF Hacks ‘18

    Dash Hackathon Sponsorship at SF Hacks ‘18 tl;dr My proposal is to have Dash sponsor a hackathon (an event where hundreds college students get together and create innovative products to compete for prizes). We will hold a Dash giveaway to get more students into the Dash ecosystem and we will...