1. Red Productiva

    First Pre Proposal Dash Boost: Advertising campaign with billboards

    RedProductiva Dash-Merida Venezuela Red Productiva is a DASH community located in the City of Merida-Venezuela. This Community is part of Dash Venezuela and we are working for the adoption of DASH as a means of digital payment. The Proposal in DashBoost to start the pilot plan has the...
  2. dashm

    Pre-Proposal: Free Advertising Products + World Wide Shipping

    Hi, we are a small team from Germany and we would like to know what you think about the following: We want to provide people all over the world who want to promote DASH with advertising products such as stickers and other cool stuff. We have over 10 years experience in producing professional...
  3. dashm

    Get Free DASH Stickers

    Hey people! We’re in the sticker business and made some DASH stickers. If you want some to promote DASH in your area, just send a message with your address and we’ll ship it to you for free. It’s quality offset print on vinyl with glossy varnish, primarily for indoor use. Cheers!
  4. LukeWeAreChange


    Pre - Proposal PHASE 1 As one of the biggest independent media organizations out there, we decided to start slowly with the DASH community to prove ourselves, and thankfully we received our 50 DASH for one month after we put in a proposal. We are happy that less than two weeks into our DASH...
  5. Matthew George


    Hello DASH Community, It's a pleasure to introduce myself and my project to you. My name is Matthew George, and I am the founder of an up-and-coming blockchain business directory platform. Before I explain how I would like to use the strengths of this platform to promote DASH, I would like to...
  6. CapitalSuccess

    Evolution Launch Promotion - Pre-proposal (Link to Presentation)

    Interested in becoming a Cooperative Sponsor? Considering how you might gain from realizing additional exposure alongside the launch of Dash Evolution? Click this link to view our pre-proposal offering. We are looking for Co-sponsors who will collaborate to accomplish the following...
  7. slava_m

    Video blogs, Monthly conferences and News on DASH

    Budget Proposal for May-July 2017 Hi! My name is Slava and I represent a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts from Kiev, Ukraine I remember as it all started from a pure interest on how digital currency works about two years ago. And, I have to say it was quite tricky at first, because there...
  8. R

    Pre-Proposal: ''Dash Chat''

    Hi guys! I am really excited about presenting this project to you all. This is a Live Chat project proposal for Status update: This proposal is live at: Please take some minutes to go over all the documentation, I am sure you will like what...
  9. TaoOfSatoshi

    Announcing the "Dash: The Cash Alternative" campaign!

    Announcing the "Dash: The Cash Alternative" campaign! I've been giving this a lot of thought for a long time, and I feel that the time has come to move on from the Dash Dalmatian style of Dash promoting. Loving the dog, he served me well as my Twitter was growing, and he will always be used...
  10. JZA

    DASH support on local events in LaTam

    Great I run a local Crypto user group, with weekly meetups. how you think DASH could help? There are Crypto events across LatAm which would be good to have people give talks there. However what would be the criteria to qualify for an event. Anarchapulco is an international event, and other...
  11. kot

    Dash Project Overview Presentation

    Dear Dash Community, During the recent months I have been working on multiple Dash presentations and have created many slides for conferences and events. Based on those materials, I have prepared a general presentation about Dash targeted to regular people, who know nothing (or very little)...
  12. SovereignBTC

    Pre Proposal: Dash Across America Crypto Only Promotional Road Trip

    UPDATE: We may be travelling with the Dash Soda Machine during our tour! This will enable us to demonstrate the quickness and potential of Dash at our stops and meetups! SUB-UPDATE - At this point, this is a big maybe. UPDATE #2: Evan Duffield, founder of Dash, will be joining us at JackFest...