promote dash

  1. Lance Lan

    Pre-Proposal: Promote Dash setup and payment to international, young customer base

    Payments: 2 Payments Payment Adress (DASH): XdhKC2Ync6tSAiz22Rd7jGiCwKtNKR3yaa DATE: 2018-06-20 AMOUNT REQUESTED: 560 (2-month engagement with 280 Dash each month) Hi there, this proposal is the fourth and final version - and it went through quite a few iterations, getting improved with...
  2. R

    Help Adoption of Dash - Sponsor Future Tech Podcast

    All, I've recently launched a proposal to interview more Dash-related folks on the Future Tech Podcast. So far, we have Amanda B. Johnson and Perry Woodin of Node 40. Goal is to interview more Dash-related folks and help increase the adoption of Dash. We're currently breaking through 400...