1. B

    Collateral cheaper in Dash electrum than Dash core?

    I made two nearly identical mixings in Dash core and Dash electrum, and I've noticed that I only paid 0.0001 Dash with electrum while I paid 0.0003 with core. Is the collateral amount determined by the wallet or is it random?
  2. TaoOfSatoshi

    Renaming PrivateSend Discussion - In response to the 2020 Q4 Conference Call

    Please consider this a thread to discuss options when it comes to the renaming of PrivateSend. I will reiterate my longstanding position on this. Since PS doesn't adequately represent the action of Dash Mixing, it only serves to confuse newcomers, IMO. This is my solution. The action of mixing...
  3. C

    is PrivateSend so slow?

    First of all, I'm not an experienced person on cryptocurrencies. I opened two wallets from for trial purposes. My goal was to find out how the process works if I need something like PrivateSend in the future. I ordered the first wallet dash (Jul 10,2018) and three days later...
  4. Wilmar Toro

    Dash libera la versión 12.3, aportando mejoras a la red y fundamentos para Evolution

    Dash libera la versión 12.3, aportando mejoras a la red y fundamentos para Evolution La versión 12.3 de Dash está disponible desde el 3 de julio e incluye mejoras en el desarrollo para PrivateSend, InstantSend, la red de Dash en general, y establece las bases adicionales para Dash Evolution...
  5. cazlutz

    Zero-Fee PrivateSends observed in the network. Have I Found a Hidden Feature?? Can someone explain??

    I have found multiple instances where there were 0 DASH/kB for private send transactions. Is this a hidden feature? I thought masternodes charged a mandatory fee of 0.0125 DASH per mixing round, correct? I observed PrivateSends in multiple blocks with the 1000DASH denomination where there were...
  6. YBet

    Weird thing happened when i pushed the spacebar

    The other day i accidentally pressed the space bar while i was using Dash Core, and a transaction started. Under transaction Type it said "Private Send Create Denominations", the amount was 293 satoshis. Is that the expected behaviour? I have read the general Private Send intro page but i...
  7. amanda_b_johnson

    Time to lower PrivateSend fee, pretty please -- it's up to ~$6 USD!

    Hey, all. And especially @UdjinM6 and his Core development crew. As you already know (this is for the benefit of anyone who doesn't), sending a PrivateSend transaction (the automated kind, not the manual-select kind) rounds up the send amount to the nearest 0.01 Dash. That's now ~$6.27 USD...
  8. T

    Using PrivateSend from CLI

    I tried to find a guide how to use PrivateSend from CLI because i prefer to run my wallet on server but i did not find any so after some investigation i decided to write my own. Its very simple but maybe can save half an hour for someone ;) Start dashd. That will enable mixing and you can set...
  9. P

    Instant AND private transfers?

    I am new to Dash but have read quite a bit on it this week. My first impression is great and it seems to be a natural follow-up of Bitcoin. The PrivateSend and InstantSend features are particularly useful, if not essential additions. My impression is however that these can not be combined, i.e...
  10. mastermined

    PrivateSend Best Practices

    Ever since the early Darkcoin days, a significant portion of Dash’s users has had a keen interest in privacy. PrivateSend renders transactions untraceable, and has never been broken, despite sizable bounties for doing so and plenty of haters out there who would love nothing more. Recently, a...
  11. R

    InstantSend / PrivateSend

    This acts as a forum for all InstantSend and PrivateSend Questions
  12. DashDude

    Pre-proposal: DASH PrivateSend De-Anonymization Contest

    Problem Statement: Dash has a robust, protocol level coin mixing service called PrivateSend, but it is frequently dismissed as inadequate by those favoring other coins such as Monero, Zcash and others. Proposal Description and Goal: The purpose of this program is to create a Contest and Public...
  13. lynx

    [IDEA] QT Core Wallet premixing to another wallet (e.g. mobile)

    While reading this thread, and idea came to me. A mobile wallet isn't well suited to mixing coins as needed for privatesend. But the QT wallet could potentially send the mixed coins to it. How? On the last round of mixing, it can just tell the MN to send the coin to an address of that wallet...
  14. joezippy

    Masternode private send mixing...

    Hello, I have been thinking on this for a couple days and was asked by @TroyDASH to pull this out of the #slack and post it here for discussion... So, here goes.... Happy discussing! :) Problems: (1) Private Send mixing in the QT wallet is slower than most would like. (2) Only the QT...
  15. Willy Woo

    Does BitFury's new research findings impact Dash's PrivateSend

    I was having an conversation with one of the Monero devs on Twitter and it brought to light that BitFury's new research published in their recent whitepaper has methods to untangle some CoinJoin transactions. (Page 2) : Shared send. Users organize into groups (via an intermediary) and tangle...
  16. Willy Woo

    Are ring signatures still going to be implemented?

    I'm looking at a Tweet posted in 2014 stating that ring sigs would be implemented in DASH. Is this still on the cards? Anyone know?