1. S

    Export priv key from DashNode

    Hello, On server have DashNode, how I can to export priv key. address which I need. With RPC, can't because RPC didn't see DashNode wallet. Offer any solutions please. Thanks.
  2. Lacan

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  3. dashmeister

    How many months do I have to wait to mix 27.000 dash coins?

    I'm trying now since many hours just to mix a small number of coins (150) and it's not working. I know this is not a bug, but I think its a big problem. How many weeks or month do I have to wait to mix my few thousand coins? How can you call a coin anonymous, if you have to wait so long time...
  4. mrearthbound

    Evolution Security

    Hello, I've seen the videos where Amanda says that Evolution is going to be like PayPal, as in, the user will only need a user name and password. And that you'd be able to access your account and send funds from multiple devices. How do these credentials relate to the public and private key of...
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