private send

  1. A

    PrivateSend in Dash Electrum on the testnet signed with the input address yZwEddCqatHd9cKNA9FaGiAskqMAXbitFy :H7cQoBEGyeBM4MxGHtotJBwnsnTPN64Koh0c34/K6VBiPsVvIZwkYdWp80ysZXP/8yONTY7u2ko4D8mvMFCQewY=
  2. DeepBlue

    Core Wallet Private Send Bug? PrivateSend "completion" mixing stuck

    Could someone please assist. This appear to be a Dash Core Wallet Bug on the Private Send Mixing feature I have the DashCoreWallet Version 12.2.3 (64 bit) I clicked the Start Mixing button and the mixing started OK. However the mixing was taking several hours and it got to about 43%. There...