private-send mixing

  1. YBet

    Weird thing happened when i pushed the spacebar

    The other day i accidentally pressed the space bar while i was using Dash Core, and a transaction started. Under transaction Type it said "Private Send Create Denominations", the amount was 293 satoshis. Is that the expected behaviour? I have read the general Private Send intro page but i...
  2. joezippy

    Masternode private send mixing...

    Hello, I have been thinking on this for a couple days and was asked by @TroyDASH to pull this out of the #slack and post it here for discussion... So, here goes.... Happy discussing! :) Problems: (1) Private Send mixing in the QT wallet is slower than most would like. (2) Only the QT...
  3. T

    Mixing doesn't work on 12.1?

    Hi there, I upgraded my wallet, that seemed to work fine. Bought a couple dash and started mixing to see that it works on 12.1. After trying off and on for days, nothing is happening. Is mixing working since the upgrade?