1. TaoOfSatoshi

    What Does A Chainalysis Integration Mean For Dash's Privacy?

    Ever since Evan Duffield created Darkcoin and introduced PrivateSend mixing as a method to insure transactional privacy, it's been a point of pride for many in the Dash community. So, it comes as a shock to these people when Dash gets integrated into compliance firms such as Coinfirm or...
  2. Mark Mason

    What the Newest Silk Road Arrest Means for Crypto?...

    What the Newest Silk Road Arrest Means for Crypto?... Another Silk Road arrest happened last week. Several years after the dissolution of the well-known dark web marketplace and hallmark of cryptocurrency’s early years, another vendor has been apprehended. Read more -...
  3. K

    Privacy features implemented as of now

    I sold my 1200 DASH for 1 bitcoin back in the day. I know, very stupid mistake, but I never forgot this coin. I wanted to buy in recently again. I was researching how the coin progressed and came across this thread...
  4. A

    RFC: Dash Electrum vision and roadmap

    We would like to position Dash Electrum as the default front-end for dash ecosystem, with focus on privacy by default. Thus, we're working on the following roadmap now: - client: Tor support turned on by default on all supported platforms - server: Tor support - privatesend support -...
  5. Emma Parker

    Need Help

    After so many incidents in 2018 (cybercrimes), I'm concern for my digital privacy and security. I came across anonymous surfing guide which is good but I'm looking for some more extra information on this topic. Can anyone help me with this>?
  6. Tickle

    Pre Proposal test - Decentralization - DAO - Privacy advocacy website

    This is simply a test of concept for my pre-proposal for funding consideration from DASH. Proposal: Informative and educational website focused on decentralization - DAO's in particular and Privacy issues as they pertain to social equality and democracy. I am proposing funding to create...
  7. Dashmaximalist

    As a MNO can i stop private send ?

    i think its a just a matter of when , the authorities start stepping on the shoes of MNOs and shut it down as they could hold MNOs responsible for the privacy function can some one throw some legal light on this ?? also is there a possibility of not supporting private send ?
  8. AnarchicCluster

    Dash has been removed from recommendations on

    It looks like has removed dash from recommended privacy-centric cryptocurrencies. It looks like it is Monero's fanbase doing. Maybe somebody from the Dash force should get in touch with privacytools to make the record straight...
  9. mastermined

    Ethereum Ran Into Two Problems Dash Long Since Fixed

    As Bitcoin’s usability declines, Ethereum has become a popular substitute for the largest cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, this has led to the rise of some of the same issues facing Bitcoin: scalability and privacy. While it’s understandable that any major cryptocoin would eventually have to deal...
  10. elishagh1


    PoW Phase Period: January 30th 2016 to August 17 2016 (FINISHED) PoS Phase Period: August 17 2016 to Forever Block Time: 60 Seconds with retargeting every block (approx. 1440 blocks per day) PoW Phase Max Coin Supply: 43,199,500 PoW Algorithm: Quark PoW Block Reward: [block# 2-151200] 250 PIV...