1. T

    Chatbot for predicting crypto prices on a messenger – good idea?

    Offtopic. Just wanted to share news about a messenger releasing a chatbot for making bets on crypto rates. The messenger calls ‘ADAMANT‘, dash has posted about it recently. Now I was betting through the chat with ADM on future BTC price, as it is like the only possibility to make a bet now. But...
  2. M

    How can we trust the exchanges to set the prices?

    When looking at coinmarket cap the top exchanges by volume are ones I've never heard of people using. is that assumption correct that they are hardly being used and the volume numbers are faked? if so, doesn't that mask real price movements from real people buying on active exchanges? It's...
  3. A

    Wall Street Exposure Could Become XRP Tailwind

    How exactly did bitcoin get to $10,000? There are myriad factors, of course. But future historians will probably zero in on one thing: The CME’s decision to add Bitcoin futures to their derivatives market. That decision lit a fuse under Bitcoin. It caused BTC prices to explode past $7,000...
  4. Jamalulkhair Khairedin

    DASH Price JK - Price monitor and alert Android app

    I developed a new application named DASH Price JK 1.0 today. This is a simple application to track the DASH Cryptocurrency Coin price with the ability to provide alert based on price limits defined by the users. Download at...
  5. Carlh

    One coin to rule them all? A concern regarding Dash/BTC pair

    Hi! A friend of mine started investing some in Dash after my recommendation. Today he asked me a good question. "What happens if Bitcoin drops to one third of it's current value? Won't that basically drop all other coins to similar lows, as most of the currencies are measured as a pair to the...
  6. Luiz_Ant0n10

    Dash Price Monitor and other utilities around Dash

    Dash Price Monitor and other utilities around Dash
  7. Willy Woo

    A study on Dash price and market cap valued as a payments network.

    Dash's focus is a payment network so transaction turnover will be key. Let's run some numbers... This is Bitcoin's transaction turnover as a function of their marketcap: Source: Source Data: For Bitcoin, the...