1. C

    CoinMinerz.com - Dash Mining

    Hi Dash Community, CoinMinerz.com offers Dash mining using the PROP payment method and a 1% fee for each block found. Auto payouts every hour for a minimum balance of 0.1 No registration required and fast/friendly support. Worker name support. Web & Stratum DOS Protection. Stats auto update...
  2. S

    SimplyPool - ERP пул для монет ETH, XMR, KRB

    SimplyPool - это ERP майнинг-пул с удобным интерфейсом и стабильной работой. Особенности работы пула: Регистрация не обязательна, но для зарегистрированных пользователей. Интуитивно понятный и простой интерфейс. Оплаты майнерам за каждую вычисленную шару (PPS). Комиссия за транзакции...
  3. D

    pool.darkcoin.io pool fee

    Hi there, for my records i need to know the pool fee from the named darkcoin pool back there. i guess there are not recordings from that time? But someone surely knows the exact amount of the pool fees used? So if a earned 10XPM and the pool fee was 5% it would mean that a actually earned...
  4. CoinVersus

    P2Pool CoinVersus Free 0% Fee High Quality Pool

    Hello Everyone, Today we just launched dash Mining P2pool, lets mine dash together! CoinVersus Project has much more to offer! Main Website: http://www.coinversus.com http://dashpool.coinversus.com:7903/static/ Information URL: dashpool.coinversus.com:7903 Username: Your Dash Address...
  5. D

    darkcoin pool fee back there

    Hi there and hello world! (1st posting) not sure where to post it so i put in into off topic. If it belongs somewhere else, an admin may move it? Thanks! I was mining xcoin back there in 2014 using the darkcoin pool. Now i need some information to clean some things up but the pools closed...
  6. X

    Baikal giant X10 best pool/algo

    Hi guys, If you allready received giant X10 - What mining pool/algo are you using ? Share your experience.
  7. DashQ8

    Internet bandwith usage

    Hi! New to the forum and back on mining after a few years dedicated to other ventures My question is, how much internet bandwith do I need for mining dash? Using the D3 in a pool. It's a 5 Mbps plan enough for 50 machines? I looked for any tip about this during hours on this forum with no...
  8. T

    I can't see my worker in stats

    Does this means I'm not mining?
  9. Y

    Questions about pool creating

    Hi. I need to set up pool which will use my friens (at first). As far as I anderstood there are two types of pool, centralized server pool and p2pool. So: 1. In the case with p2pool do I need to have my own master node? 2. Supporting p2pool as I understand requires investment in hardware...
  10. K

    Solo pool

    Hi. Help please build solo pool on VPS (Ubuntu).
  11. D

    Restrictions for size of public or private Pools

    Hello All, I have been mining for a while and have tried different pools to benchmark the profits. On this time, I observed recently single wallets that get up to 10% of the mined blocks or also a private company like Avalon Life getting up to 30% of the blocks. That makes me wonder that...
  12. E

    Pools or P2Pools? Coin Storage?

    I'm new to this stuff, but I have been doing research and have hardware picked out. What I need to know is what kind of mining is easiest for a new person to get their feet wet in? Pools or P2Pools? Also, is there a better way to store your Dash? I don't trust local hardware for beans, and the...
  13. S

    Wallet Address - Dash Pool Mining

    Hey, I've flipped through some searches on this forum but didn't run across the answer to this potentially stupid question. I'm new to Dash mining, and I've configured ccminer (running nvidia gpu), but I'm not sure about the wallet address. Can I direct x11 mining to a bitcoin wallet address...
  14. C

    NOMP CoinMiners - DASH Pool

    DASH is ready in our pool! (1hr payment period) CoinMiners.Net 1% Fee Register-free Mining & Auto Payments (after 0.05 DASH) Server located at Europe http://coinminers.net