1. DeepBlue

    Why the logical move for Paypal is to integrate Dash

    I do not understand why the CEO of Paypal has not integrated Dash into its service. To me it seems a no brainer. Paypal is focused on online payments and also wants to get more involved with crypto. Yet the cryptocurrencies they have signed are Bitcoin, Lightcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash...
  2. hugep3n15

    WTS 915 Dash to Sell - Bitcoin, Money Orders, Cash in Mail

    Hi, I have 915DASH to Sell for USD,EUR - through Bitcoin, Money Orders or Cash in Mail. 1. If you're sending cash in mail - always go through priority (registered) mail, requiring signature. This way both parties would be able to track the progress; 2. I am located in the EU, so keep that in...
  3. hugep3n15

    WTS Dash for PayPal/Cash in mail

    0.10000000 Dash - 20Eur paypal or cash in mail. 0.50000000 Dash - 90Eur 1.00000000 Dash - 170Eur
  4. Ezio Rojas

    New Paypal commissions. Opportunity for Dash.

    For those who use Paypal as a means of payment it is surely not news that from May 10 will charge new fees for all payments. As established in the update of its policies, there will be a fixed fee of USD 4.99 for the realization of each payment made between the accounts. This new policy...
  5. hugep3n15

    WTT Dash for Paypal - 10% fee

    Title says it all. Currently available 77 Dash.
  6. Aniinl

    DASH vs. Paypal - New article in the DASH for Newbies series

    You know, I didn't care much about "instant send" until THIS happened just now... ;) It's only a half-minute read.
  7. kent Stenseth Bitcoin,Perfect Money, Skrill, PayPal exchange

    Dear user! Using service you can buy e-currency (deposit to your digital currency account) like Bitcoins, Litecoins and others. You can pay your order with fiat money using credit card and debit card (instantly!), local and international bank wire transfer, SEPA transfer, cash...