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  1. Supreet Raju

    [UPDATED] Pre-Proposal: Dash India - Promoting Dash for Crypto-Remittances.

    Promoting Dash for Remittances to India: World’s largest Remittance Market Summary This project aims to build the use of Dash for Remittances to India through a structured outreach program involving Market Research & Analysis, Online education and Growth Marketing. It aims to present Dash...
  2. RocketTeam


    Our Proposal Now Live For Vote, Click Here 1. Who are we? Rocket Integration Technology ( RIT ) is a Technology Provider company. Established in Singapore in 2014, RIT creates optimized Forex brokerage IT systems. We specialize in complete IT Solutions for Forex brokerage technology and...
  3. Pete - DashCrypto

    It's Q4 2016, So Where Is Bitcoin's Consumer Demand? -- Dash on Nasdaq

    Director of Finance at Dash, Ryan Taylor, expounds on the state of Bitcoin and why it continues to fall short of expectations. Taylor shares why only a crypto with the innovations of Dash stands to offer the “trifecta” required to break into the payments industry. Ryan's article on Nasdaq...