payment queue

  1. J

    Possible Bug: Next Payment on DashMasternode tool not progressing

    Hello, I have a masternode. A couple of weeks ago I had problems and thanks to the help from this community (@strophy in particular) we were able to fix it. Now it seems to be working alright. And the masternode started paying back again. At least it paid one time. Then now we are approaching...
  2. Weber K.

    Payment queue position again and start-alias

    Hi! This point is unclear to me... I've read that when you issue start-alias your masternode goes to the end of network payment queue. And when you issue start-missing your masternode stays in its position. Ok. But... Sometimes I issued start-alias and I kept my queue position in both Dash...
  3. agulab

    How can I know my Payment queue position

    Hello, I'm using DashCentral to see my masternode Payment queue position, but it varies too much. On each F5 I see I'm in position 371, then 369, then 0, then 444, then 371 again... I see some positions repeat, so I assume my masternode is more or less in position 370. The thing is I started...