payment integration

  1. R

    Dash reversible payment marketing

    I have a DASH reversible payment technology. I call it a R-Address. I would like to apply for funding to give incentive to users who signup. I need about 100 DASH. I plan to give 10$ worth of incentive for each user who signs with my DASH wallet with the fund given. The web link to try my...
  2. cibrigue

    BTCPay Server as DASH payment processor

    Hi guys, I've came across the BTCPay Server and it looks pretty good: open-source, self-hosted, 0% middle-man fee, support for BTC and DASH, it uses Bitpay API, so integration should be also easy. Have anyone of you tried it? Does it really support DASH and InstantSend? I've found this...
  3. cibrigue

    Dash link protocol handler (for Firefox)

    Hey guys, I'm using Dash Core v0.14.0.1 and Firefox 68.0.1 on Windows 10. One of the payment processors I use for my DASH payments is When I'm ready to pay the amount it generates a special link for me in the following format: dash:<address>?amount=<amount> Unfortunately...
  4. J

    best processor for merchants?

    When considering merchant payment processing, which software is the best for easy adoption and could the regular old dash wallet be used just as well?
  5. R

    Pre Proposal: Magento Dash Payments Plugin

    Hi, I am new in Dash community but I have some cool proposal. I am Magento expert and I can build Magento plugin for receiving Dash. Magento is open source e-commerce platform. Overview Magento plugin that accepts Dash though "Dash Payment Processor". Option to select Dash payment method on...