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    Recover wallet with backup phrase

    I have my backup phrase but don't understand how to restore an old wallet using the wallet.
  2. E

    Passphrase LOST

    Hello, Here is my problem: I created a portfolio with the Dash Core software in 2014 by storing Dash. Today, I changed PC (because the operating system was dead), I recovered my hard drive, I searched with recovery software, and I was able to find my "wallet.dat ". The funds are available on...
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    Recovery Dash iOS Wallet

    Hi there, I had to restore my iphone through a regular backup. My Dash wallet has to be recovered. I entered the recovery phrase and noticed that I only wrote down 11 words instead of 12. Is there any other way to recover the coins in my wallet. Help would be highly appreciated. Regards, Jen
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    passphrase not working - can't access my Dash!

    Can somebody please help? I'm using the Dash Core wallet and recently tried to send some Dash to my Jaxx wallet. It asked me for my passphrase, which I entered over and over again but it would not release the funds and said the phrase was incorrect. I then downloaded the latest version of the...
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    Importing BIP38 cold storage DASH

    What is the easiest way to import a BIP38 passphrase protected DASH(darkcoin) paper wallet? (I have the public key, private key, and password)