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    Procedure to sweep a paper wallet into Dash Core

    Hi, I have Dash Core version v0.12.1.3 (on a 64-bit Windows PC) which has never been used (neither to send nor to receive). The question is, how do I sweep one of my Dash paper wallets into the Dash Core wallet? (I've no passphrases for the paper wallets, just the public and private keys.) Or, a...
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    Sweep paper wallet - HEEEELLLLP

    I can't sweep my paper wallet into Electrum-Dash... My balance appears correctly on the public address and I'm 100% sure of my private key, but when I tape it on Electrum (menu - wallet - private key - import) it says "The following inputs could not be imported". Does it support BIP38...
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    Importing BIP38 cold storage DASH

    What is the easiest way to import a BIP38 passphrase protected DASH(darkcoin) paper wallet? (I have the public key, private key, and password)