1. fengzie

    Pre-proposal: Support Dash in Purely Decentralized Market

    Openbazaar is a well-known decentralized shopping platform in the crypto industry. After the development company announced the suspension of operation in January 2021 (Contrary to the philosophy of the investment company), our team and community leaders took over the operation. Mobazha is...
  2. Guna

    OpenBazaar 2.0 is Here! [P2P Marketplace] (will accept Dash soon)

    What is OpenBazaar? (Open Source P2P Decentralized Marketplace) Download OpenBazaar - Sell Anything. Pay Zero Fees.
  3. A

    Proposal: continuous electrum-dash development and support

    Proposal is active: Overview: Electrum is probably the most popular open-source SPV wallet for bitcoin. There is a fork of Electrum for Dash, but it lacks active development and support. There were multiple tries to do it, but as of early March 2017...
  4. JZA

    OpenBazaar DASH fork?

    A talk on DASH knights about possibility to have an OpenBazaar fork for DASH, given that: a) OB is FLOSS b) OB is Python d) Why not? This will enable to have a DASH centric dameon, looking at the OB-Server code the requirements for bitcoin are bitcoin-tools, python-libbitcoinclient and...