1. W

    AI crypto trading bot

    Our AI crypto trading bot is programmed with unique algorithms, signal trading patterns, and automated trading principles to facilitate the trading process for active users.
  2. R

    Crypto related news

    Recommend me any crypto related resources you are reading with news and educational material. Many thanks
  3. ChainTerra

    P2Pool Hyper Efficient Pool? Let's Test It Out!

    This DASH P2Pool node incorporates our New Mining Algorithm and is currently more efficient than any other public node. Connect one of your miners as a test and you will notice much higher returns from this node. Please share your results on this thread so other DASH miners can hear about this...
  4. thedesertlynx

    EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum Creates Blockchain Map, Highlights Growth of Cryptocurrencies

    EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum Creates Blockchain Map, Highlights Growth of Cryptocurrencies The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum, which is an initiative by the European Commission, has developed an interactive map for all cryptocurrency and blockchain startups and events. Each map...
  5. Wilmar Toro

    29:30 Russian Roads - Worst Roads In The World 2017 Episode 4 car world Recomendado para ti 8:0

    Dash News es Español, un sitio de Dash Force, financiado por la Blockchain de Dash Aeropuerto recibe criptomonedas: Dash Core contrata nuevo CTO: Dash en el Cripto Latin Fest: Actualización escrow Dash Core...
  6. Angel Andres Arri

    Dash Argentina First Dash-Friendly City (April News + Update)

    Dear DASH Community, We are totally happy to share with you our proposal news and update carried out during April 2018. As Director of the Dash Community of Argentina I want to share with the entire Dash Community the scope of our activities in the First Dash Friendly City in Argentina. The...
  7. Orion

    Three major German news outlets report about DASH and the DASH Embassy D-A-CH

    In the last days two articles about Dash and the Dash Embassy D-A-CH appeared on three German news sites. ARD (the biggest state-owned media in Germany), Handelsblatt (the biggest daily financial newspaper in Germany) and WirtschaftsWoche (the biggest weekly financial newspaper in Germany)...
  8. Alexey Danilin

    ACTIVE PROPOSAL: FinTech online radio R+1 which is promote the benefits of DASH

    Hello everyone, DASH community! Here is our project presentation: Russian version [ENG subtitles | Full video ]. PROJECT DESCRIPTION:
  9. moonknight

    Coin Telegraph: Dash Hits USD Record $570 On 2MB Block Upgrade, Zimbabwe Deal

    Dash Hits USD Record $570 On 2MB Block Upgrade, Zimbabwe Deal
  10. JZA

    DASH Global - News site, 3 month extension

    After this past 3 months DASH Global has helped major projects as well as minors around the DASH ecosystem. Has been able to promote initiatives, development and other news through different channels, writing, and media. There are still improvements to be done and quantified. From frontend...
  11. Harish Ramkumar

    Crypto-News - Dash is moving down though Bitcoin and Litecoin are Up

    For the last couple of days, the Dash price is going down, though Bitcoin and Litcoin have been fluctuating heavily. Last month, the Dash cost was $200. It progressively increased throughout the weeks that followed, ultimately punching with $300 on August 20. It hovered around the $300 degree...
  12. JZA

    DASH Global News site

    Hello Community, I am submiting my second consecutive monthly proposal for DASH Español with big increase of the format. We want to have a DASH World news site. Including teams on different languages. We are currently 5 teams, to do news from around the world related to DASH. We are still...
  13. JZA

    DASH Español, spanish information hub

    Hi. I am JZA from the Bitcuners group in Cancun. I was lead on the Dash in Cancun project which we feel was highly successful. We have been planing this continuation of outreach for a while now and finally have all the pieces to launch our latest proposal together. This proposal will benefit and...
  14. Mark Mason

    Coinbase Suspends Account for Ross Ulbricht's Legal Defense Donations - Dash Force News

    Coinbase Suspends Account for Ross Ulbricht's Legal Defense Donations - Dash Force News Funds for Ross Ulbrichts legal appeal have reportedly been frozen when Coinbase shut down their account without notice. Early Bitcoin pioneer and administrator of the controversial Silk Road open online...
  15. SilvioHick

    Como las Criptodivisas Están Resolviendo los Problemas de Adopción de Bitcoin?

    El gran competidor en el mundo de las criptodivisas, Bitcoin, ha alcanzado un obstáculo en su crecimiento. Mientras el blockchain y su tecnología de registro distribuido ha estado en proceso de revolucionar el mundo tecnológico y financiero, y mientras Bitcoin continua creciendo en valor y...
  16. SilvioHick

    DASH agrega soporte completo para AML/KYC con CoinFirm

    Por primera vez, una moneda digital mayor, DASH, ha anunciado una cooperación directa con un proveedor de plataforma de regulación en Coinfirm Esta asociación crea la primera solución para soporte de AML-KYC en las criptodivisas, el sector con mayor crecimiento en las finanzas. La empresa...
  17. SilvioHick

    Es el 4to trimestre del 2016, Donde esta la demanda del consumidor por Bitcoin?

    Por Ryan Taylor, Septiembre 27, 2016 Desde que un inventor anónimo primero introdujo Bitcoin en el 2009, el mundo ha lentamente ganado apreciación del gigante potencial de las monedas digitales y la tecnología blockchain que lo soporta. Estas divisas pueden ser enviadas a traves del internet de...
  18. elishagh1

    Jaxx Adds Dash - TDT

    Jaxx Wallet Adds Dash Support - The Dash Times: The multi-platform wallet released an update today for its app, allowing users the option of storing Dash in their wallet.
  19. elishagh1

    The Dash Times -

    The Dash Times formerly known as Dashpay Magazine is the most trusted and respected online destination for information about the DASH (Digital Cash) and digital currency industry. We have made a move from our old domain to because: Elimination of "pay" in...
  20. ec1warc1

    More bad news for Ethereum

    Wow, this sucks. :eek: Developer Prepares ICO to Beat Ethereum in Stolen Intellectual Property Case