1. vancrideout


    I am just new here so take it easy, but why i cant reply to all conversations?
  2. MrWilliamChui

    Apps that have intergrated Dash?

    Does anyone know of a list or directory of where one is able to find all the apps that are out there (whether Android or iOS) that have an intergration with Dash as a payment method? I'm needing to know what solutions are out there right now to help newbies, like myself, better understand this...
  3. X

    New Member in this forum

    Hello All, I am a newbie in this forum. This my first post, Firstly I am introduce my self. My Name Xin Dynasty I am project manager in an IT firm and professional blogger and writer. I am here because I want to enhance my knowledge in different types of categories. Please Ignore word...
  4. stellabelle

    Dash For Newbies on Every Sunday: Win Dash If You're First To Find Hidden Dash Logo

    Every Sunday on our Dash For Newbies Facebook Page, is your chance to win some Dash if you're the first one to find the hidden Dash logo in a photo. I give away around $15 worth of Dash, so keep on the lookout. Here's a video that explains a little more about this: Come join us on Facebook...
  5. E

    Pools or P2Pools? Coin Storage?

    I'm new to this stuff, but I have been doing research and have hardware picked out. What I need to know is what kind of mining is easiest for a new person to get their feet wet in? Pools or P2Pools? Also, is there a better way to store your Dash? I don't trust local hardware for beans, and the...
  6. stellabelle

    Dash For Newbies Now at 109 Subscribers

    In the last few days, the subscribers for Dash For Newbies has jumped up significantly. When I wrote my newest proposal a few days ago, there were 53 subscribers, now there are 109. One of my goals for the newest proposal was to double the subscriber number. That has already happened. So, I...
  7. stellabelle

    DASH FOR NEWBIES Is Now Creative Commons: Feel Free To Translate, Distribute

    Hey, I wanted to let the Dash community know that my articles in Dash For Newbies are now Creative Commons. This means that you can translate them into foriegn languages, publish them on other platforms, etc. This decision was made recently because I believe in the core mission and power of open...
  8. stellabelle

    New Dash Newbies Video: Why Do People Talk About Crypto While Driving?

    The newest Dash for Newbies video is out. This one ponders why people in the digital currency space tend to make videos about cryptocurrency while driving in their cars:
  9. stellabelle

    Dash For Newbies Medium Publication Now Has Dash School

    Part of the goal of our Medium publication is to create an outward-facing site that contains valuable information for newbies to cryptocurrency. I've added a Dash School section to the publication, so feel free to share it with your friends and family...
  10. stellabelle

    New Dash For Newbies Video: Cold Vs. Hot Wallets

    This is the third video in the Dash For Newbies series:
  11. stellabelle

    New Post on Dash For Newbies: How Do I Get Dash?

    New post is up for people wanting information about how to get Dash without using an exchange: Upcoming article: interview with a female crypto miner! Interesting stats so far after 5 days of starting the...
  12. stellabelle

    Just Wrote a Dash Newbie Survival Guide, Please Check For Errors

    I wrote a Dash Newbie Survival Guide on Medium today, and if you have a moment, can you read through to make sure it contains no errors? As I am a Dash newbie myself, there could be something I overlooked. Thanks Here's the article...