new hampshire

  1. mastermined

    Dash Force Sponsors the Freecoast Festival 2017

    Last month, Dash Force sponsored the Freecoast Festival, an event in New Hampshire’s coastal region to promote liberty and entrepreneurship, with a strong emphasis on digital currencies and financial freedom. As part of the sponsorship, a Dash advertisement was placed in the main event schedule...
  2. mastermined

    Dash Force Sponsors, Will Speak At, Freecoast Festival

    Dash Force is announced as an official sponsor of the Freecoast Festival, which will include two separate speaking slots. The Freecoast Festival is an annual event held by the Human Action Foundation in the seacoast region of New Hampshire. Its focus is on a free and voluntary society...
  3. mastermined

    New Hampshire Adds Dash ATM, Leads Way in Dash Businesses

    New Hampshire claims its first Dash ATM, continuing a precedent of being one of the world’s premier crypto hotspots. This week, the first Dash-dispensing ATM popped up in New Hampshire, a small state of about 1.2 million people and 5 Bitcoin ATMs. The machine is a General Bytes ATM located at...