1. Mateus

    Server Error: Failed to fetch or Server Error: undefined

    Hi everyone, please can you help me? I cannot send to any adress my Dash, but I can receive, this it's been happening for a while, do you know the problem? I tested in chrome, opera and edge and in my cellphone, this is the Web Wallet of
  2. Mark Mason

    Third-Party Dash Web Wallet MyDashWallet Compromised

    Third-Party Dash Web Wallet MyDashWallet Compromised Late last week, it was discovered that the independently developed MyDashWallet was compromised by a hacker that was able to send users’ private keys to an external server, but once the vulnerability was revealed, Dash Core Group members...
  3. C

    is PrivateSend so slow?

    First of all, I'm not an experienced person on cryptocurrencies. I opened two wallets from for trial purposes. My goal was to find out how the process works if I need something like PrivateSend in the future. I ordered the first wallet dash (Jul 10,2018) and three days later...
  4. LostInSpace

    MyDashWallet Continued Development

    Proposal is live at: TLDR: Should we create a ~20 Dash (*3 months) Proposal for continued development? We would work on cool features like better Trezor Support, many more Bot commands, Trustless Tipping, Custom Settings for...
  5. LostInSpace

    MyDashWallet with Tipping and Hardware Wallet Support

    Pre-Proposal Idea to check if this sounds interesting and has a chance to be voted in. With all the recent marketing proposals it might be a good time for a great development project. Is the cost (20 Dash) fair? Elevator Pitch will provide an easy way for anyone to create Dash...