1. E

    how to move dash to a multisig wallet?

    Hi Guys, hopefully you can help me out. I bought some dash @ bitfinex and i would like to send this to a multisig wallet. If im correct it cant directly. I just created a single wallet at electrum and transfered my dash into this wallet. I also created a multisig wallet @ electrum and i used my...
  2. mrearthbound

    Electrum multisig wallet

    Hey guys, I just downloaded the Electrum wallet on my PC and successfully created a 2/2 multisig wallet. The wallet created a master public key and asked for the cosigner's master public key. My partner created in Electrum a "Standard Wallet", and sent me the public key, in order to...
  3. JZA

    Finding the redeemScript hash on a multisig

    I am trying to create a multisig address and then execute a withdraw. However I am finding myself in trouble when trying to sign the transaction. I am getting the error: "error": "Operation not valid with the current stack size" So I tried to retrace my steps to find out that I am not sure how...