money transfer

  1. Gaurav_Gupta

    DashLancer - A use case for Dash in Cross Border Freelancing.

    Dashlancer : Building a Dash Use Case in the Cross Border Freelancing Industry. PREVIOUS PROJECT UPDATES I DASH FREELANCING COURSE I FORUM DISCUSSION ON VIDEOS I RESEARCH REPORT ON FREELANCING SUMMARY Talented professionals across the globe are on the lookout for opportunities to...
  2. Pete - DashCrypto

    Dash Contractor Points Remittance Users to Crypto ATMs Over “Funding the Wall”

    Billions in remittances are annually sent from folks in the USSA to their friends and families elsewhere. For decades, firms like Western Union and MoneyGram took a hefty fee for this service. But today, with the emergence of peer-to-peer digital currencies like Dash, money transfers can be done...
  3. carlomile2

    Dash as world money transfer for unbanked people

    This isn't a proposal but a open discussion I want that we share ideas on. So I live in a poor country and as you can see I am doing my best to promote Dash here and let people use it. So as you know probably, these country like Haiti and some african country use a lot money transfer services...
  4. Dworf

    the importance of the remittance market

    There’s a $500 billion remittance market, and Bitcoin startups want in on it (Forbes, Sep 11th 16) According to this article 20% of the $500 billion go through Bitcoin (questionable?). Anyways this seems to be a very big and very important market and should also be addressed by DASH.