1. Wilmar Toro

    Dash se asocia con Kripto Mobile para el lanzamiento de teléfonos precargados con Dash y con su ecos

    Dash se asocia con Kripto Mobile para el lanzamiento de teléfonos precargados con Dash y con su ecosistema completo Dash anunció una asociación estratégica con Kripto Mobile para expandir la base de usuarios de Dash en América Latina. En una asociación lanzada oficialmente en la última...
  2. ishop

    Экспорт приватных ключей из Dash Wallet by Hash Engineering

    Может кто знает, как можно экспортировать необходимые данные (приватные ключи, совместимую seed-фразу) из мобильного кошелька Dash Wallet by Hash Engineering для добавления в Dash Electrum?
  3. CWard

    (Pre-Proposal) Dash removed from mobile wallet

    XO Wallet Dash Removale My team has approached me about not supporting Dash to keep it out of our android bitcoin wallet. It will cost our team $0 to do this. Mobile Wallet is currently available for download to android devices in the Google play store. This will decrease the Dash ecosystem by...
  4. Acedian

    Hash Engineering Dash Wallet

    I am looking for a bit of information on this Android wallet. Firstly, is the wallet hierarchical deterministic? If not, how many addresses are backed up if I back up the wallet when I first install it? (No payments received yet) Secondly, is it essential to encrypt my phone to protect the...
  5. lynx

    [IDEA] QT Core Wallet premixing to another wallet (e.g. mobile)

    While reading this thread, and idea came to me. A mobile wallet isn't well suited to mixing coins as needed for privatesend. But the QT wallet could potentially send the mixed coins to it. How? On the last round of mixing, it can just tell the MN to send the coin to an address of that wallet...
  6. NickfromSA

    Proposal: Dash funds education and gives financial access (#DashDoesGood)

    Key points: - Students can earn Dash for reaching education milestones - We will call our student dashboard the "Dash" board and have it branded Dash and a link to the site - The project will generate huge interest in Dash, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, is key as most people have mobile...
  7. A

    Receiving Addresses Linked to Mobile Phone Numbers

    We should have a facility in the Core Wallet to enter a phone number > which in turn generates a receiving address for that phone number. A sender would then be able to send Dash to a phone number. Could this be a feature in Evolution? I would appreciate some Dash love to this address...
  8. stellabelle

    Is the mobile ios Dash wallet easy and safe?

    As a brand new user of Dash, I have to admit, it's pretty hard to figure out which wallet to use. I had initially decided to try out the mobile iOs Dash wallet but when I learned that the App store rejected it, I was hesitant becuase I've never sideloaded an app before. This feels unsafe...
  9. JZA

    Add Tapatalk extension to xenforo

    Hi I use Tapatalk on mobile for a lot of forums that are compliant with the site. Here is a link to add the tapatalk compatibility extension to make it able to discover and use with tapatalk. Tapatalk is an app for mobile that enhace the UX on mobile...
  10. TaoOfSatoshi

    Dash RSVPs To The Jaxx Party! Integration coming soon.

    Woot! Woot! Jaxx is a slick looking wallet, and they have an in at the App Store! So exciting...